2000 4x4 Blast - Back 40
By Dennis & Ann

On the Friday of the 4X4 Blast, we went out on Back 40 for the first time. Within the many vehicles that were on the trail, we had a family group of four Jeeps and all of us agree it was a great time. We found new & numerous uses for our towropes on the teeth clencher of a detour over to Tall Dog. Not only most of the Jeeps had to be pulled out, but even our guide (not his Jeep) had to use the tow rope to get out of the knee deep mud. There were quite a few breakdowns but from what we hear it was worse on other trails (Tall Dog).

By Diana

On Saturday, August 19, my husband David and I set out for a trail called the Back 40. I'm sorry to say that we have no pictures because the camera that had worked just fine the day before decided to die the first thing that morning.

Anyway, we got muddy from top to bottom and head to toe at Snicker mud hole. We had to be pulled out, but had fun getting muddy, then sat back to watch everyone else make it through or get pulled out and muddy to boot.

At the Tea-bucket, we were assured by PEEJ that the tree at the top of the other side had never been hit, that it may feel and look we were going to hit it, but we wouldn't. So, down we went through the mud pit and up the other side. Made it about half way and had to make a second go at it. Well, we made it and hit that tree that "hadn't been hit in 20 years." The front fender was cracked but it wasn't as bad as it sounded when we hit it.

The guides were awesome and did a great job of directing us through the trail. We had a blast. All in all we had a ball that weekend and we will be back as often as possible.

Created: 06/29/01