2000 - Fourth of July


Dunk Tank photos

1What a blast! While the other trails had an average of 25 or so Jeeps, there were only ten of us on Tall Dog for the 4th of July run. I remember when it was mandatory for everybody to winch up at the beginning of the trail, a spot they call the Guardian. This time we all just drove right up. Then around the deep slalom trenches of mud, and through the creek, we were on a roll. We slowed it down to wait for Junior to catch us, since he'd been helping folks on another trail. Tom looked back at our Jeep and commented on the condition of our tie rod. Sure enough, we'd bent it. So Rongway hooked it to Tom's winch and pulled it back. Onward to the next obstacle! Well, then we couldn't make right turns. No problem, just bungee that stabilizer down…. and onward to the next obstacle! I can see why they named this trail Tall Dog. We were dog deep in the muck and muddy trenches most of the day.

I think the next casualty was on the Cannonball Climb. Tim got so deep into the muck that he pulled apart the drive shaft and broke the main spring. It was a good opportunity for lunch (for the rest of us). At about this time, Tom and Debbie left to get ready for the evening's hog roast. 2Tim did trail repairs and the rest of the group made their attempts at the hill. Morger will undoubtedly have sold his rims by now, real cheap. He popped a tire off the rim four times that day. While the front end of the trail was busy winching Jeeps up the hill, Denise was busy winching Mike's Jeep up a tree (sort of like a high lift jack) so he could reseat the tire.

After we all came through the creek, Dave told the disabled Jeeps to go around to the left of the hill. Then he proceeded to do a great pinball imitation. He bounced off one tree, gassed on it, and bounced off a few more before his front end lifted way too high for the angle he was climbing. We all held our breath, mumbled some prayers and other words. He kept it on the trail, more or less. Once he was at the top he explained that he thought it was greasy, and needed more power. What a show!

3We split up at the pasture and some Jeeps limped back to town; Frankie Smith with a broken outer axle, Tim with his spring, Mike with his wheels, and Fuzzy… why did you leave? The rest of us headed on to the part of the trail dubbed Brain Fart. Craig dragged his winch cable along, keeping it handy, maybe? Rongway took out a stump, a really big stump, as he winched himself up. This was the greasy part Dave must have been thinking about. Garry (GDS) just kept going and going and going.

Back at Tom and Debbie's there was a great hog roast waiting for the crowd. All the trimmings, and Amish cookies we kept wrestling for. And oh, yes, that dunk tank. After O.R. gave us the moon (don't worry Pat, it was only a half moon), the kids lined up to throw the ball in the basket and dunk him. Everyone was a great sport about getting wet. Rick Schultz was ready with his snorkel, myself with the mermaid fins, and the rest of the guides with their shorts. We even raffled off the host, Tom, to be dunked. Our members donated $544 to the Pleasant Hill Fire Department this year. Thanks everyone, for being so generous. And thanks to Tom and Debbie Wombles for hosting a great trail party!

Created: 06/29/01