2000 - 4th of July Dunk Tank

Tom and Debbie sponsored this year's 4th run, as they have in the past. This year they outdid themselves witha dunk tank that helped raise over $500 for charity! Thanks, Tom and Debbie.

barn  barn

Then on to the dunk tank. O.R. was first and the line filled up to dunk the prez!


MaryAnn emerged from the porta-pottie as a mermaid. Since O.R. had been dunked so many times, he was good at giving instructions.

ma  ma
ma  ma

Tim said it'd take $100 to get him in the tank. Before Tim was done talking, John had the $50 out and Paul had the rest before Tim finished his sentence.

tim  tim

Tom said it would take $200 in donation for charity to get him to go in. He got $220 in an instant!


What a great group of people. Over $500 was collected for the Pleasant Hill Fire Department.

Created: 06/29/01