1999 - Trail Building


February 6

Quite a few adventurous club members came to Pittsfield on February 6th. Actually, it was not supposed to be trail building but our first chance of the year to check the conditions of the trails. Our new trail master, Tim, reported that it timwas surprisingly dry, and many guides got to get on their trails. First, Pokey (our new Landowner Appreciation Chairman), took a group over to Williams' property to clear out some thorn trees and overgrown brush. Landowners Gary and Sharon were very appreciative for all the work our members did. If you know Pokey, you know it wasn't all work! They got to ride a little in the afternoon. Durrell and Hamer also helped at Williams'. Then they took a group to check on their own trails, Black Oak and Ridge Rambler. Screamin' took a group to County Line and reported it to be in pretty good shape this year. Dave took a group to check out the higher rated trails. John and Lane led the way to Lake Shore, but found out it might not be fully accessible this year. Due to a change of ownership, and a hunting lease, the club may not get to use part of Lake Shore or part of Wild Blue Yonder this year. Don't worry. Tim has some other ideas for rerouting the trails. He will have surprises for us as they come together. For the most part, it was a very productive weekend. Thanks to all who came to have fun.

February 20 - A Day in the Back 40

I know we don't like to hear the work "work" when it comes to Jeepin', but that's how we get all these great trails. On this Saturday, we had a great turn out of Jeeps and able bodies.

A large group headed out to Tom's' place where he had already marked a new trail to be cut, and I do mean cut! Lots of trees needed to be winched out. Just ask Yo-Yo how to properly winch a tree without breaking your 9000# winch!

It seemed like we were going in circles when we met up for lunch. We all ended up at the same place and after we ate headed back out to the trees and valleys. After a few hours it seemed we were all asked who had a spare tire for Airborn who came up with a flat.

Elsewhere, Roamin Rabbit had an inverted spring and shackle. How, I don't know. All the while I was in need of a winch myself once a path was cut to me. Thanks Pokey.

After that, it was time to round up people and Jeeps and head out. Mad Dog was taking in some sightseeing on the way back to Tom's. I was sent back in to find Mudlark, who was in need of traction when I got to him. Then, just as we were starting to see daylight, I blew a locking hub.

All in all, it was a great day. Thanks to all for the hard work.

March 6

Four braved the cold and the thorns on Saturday, March 6, to clean up some old cemeteries by Mississippi Views. Tom did not want us four-wheeling for fear the ground would get torn up. Do you think that stopped us? Of course not! We had to climb the hills anyway. But, rest assured, not a leaf was turned.

Poor old Mr. Warn had to help Mad Dog up a hill without even a thank you. What gratitude. And if you need toothpicks, talk to Junior. He had to brag about a tree he broke in half. The poor little tree was roughly the size of a toothpick! David threw off a chain saw blade, while Chris was down the hill. So whose fault was this one? Of course we all had to watch out for Yo-Yo. He was up and down trees all day long.

It wasn't all fun and games though. We did eventually get the cemeteries cleaned up. These are some of the oldest in Pike County, dating back to the 1800's. Come join us on the next workday and have some fun with us!

March 20

Helping Donnie's brother install a new access gate
TRJC's official OSHA approved trail Port-a-Potty
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