1999 Halloween Run


steveWhat a great turnout! There were eighty-six families attending the annual general meeting in October.

After the morning meeting we took off on our choice of three different trail rides. Since we went on County Line, I'll have to quote Pops in saying, "Anyone who was anybody went on County Line"!

billOur fearless leaders, Screamin' and Gerald, split us into two groups at the trailhead. We followed Screamin'. Now, if you've ever gone on this trail you know that you pass about 5 or 6 gas stations on the way out, so we all want to know how it happened that Durrell ran out of gas near the beginning of the trail. Anyway, once he took care of that problem everyone had fun watching the Cherokees make it through the creek. It had been very dry all month, but we still managed to find some mud! Screamin' dug out the wash for us and then had to winch us all up! Frank's engine was leaking oil, but he had extra on board and with a little help from Larry was on his way again. Woodpecker brokenpulled apart his drive shaft, but had it repaired in no time. Terminator had to stop for repairs to his Jeep (he broke the front axle U-joint). He did a quick trail repair just above the creek.

Later that evening the Rockport 4H club again gave us a treat. The kids dressed up a special trail with ghosts and goblins to scare the Jeepers as they drove through in the dark. There were so many vehicles that Tom Wombles had us separate into two groups again! (You'll have to ask O.R. what he drove on the trail). At the end of the night, the 4H club sponsored a bonfire and weenie-roast for the club members and there were plenty of great desserts. Frank and Jude were good sports and wore costumes, along with Lee and Tammy Ator, Dusty and Bev Poor, (and others).

We passed the hat and gave the 4H club an extra $272 that night for their hard work!

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