Pokin' Along on Pokey's Trail
Halloween Run '98


It's hard to believe that after six years of wheelin' with Two Rivers Jeep Club we haven't run Pokey's Trail in its entirety… that is until this years Halloween Run. Finally! Our trail leader, Carl Seymour left the Farm Bureau without us as we had to complete several items of club business.tnt Along with a small group of friends, we quickly finished up and jumped in our Jeeps to catch the group ahead of us.

When we were securely fastened in our seats (with tray tables and seat backs in their full, upright positions), Durrell looked at me and said "Where's the key?" Oops… looks like 'we' accidentally left them in the van which had already headed back down to the farm. Off sped Captain Rob to intercept the van and quickly return 1 hour later with the Scrambler key. (Thanks Bro!)

Although we got off to a seriously delayed start, we searched out the trailhead (Thanks Rongway for leaving your broken Jeep as a landmark at the trailhead!) and began blindly following Spanky who claimed to know the trail. We figured he got us this far so why not continue on. We were bound to run into the rest of the group sooner or later, so our little band of 5 Jeeps rolled on along down the trail. After several attempts to contact the main group, we realized that we weren't on the same course as the rest of our group. Not to worry, Carl (our Savior) found us on the trail and led us back to the flock. air

The trail ride was great! There were no serious mishaps or 'stucks' until we reached the part of the trail called Three Wheel Alley. It was there that we got into some real action. First off, Scooter (Larry Hansler) decided to try ascending this obstacle on only two wheels. Sherri (his wife) got everyone's attention when she screamed so loud that every deer in Pike County high-tailed it! We all evacuated our Jeeps to run up front and see what was going on. There is some good video coverage of Larry's repeated attempts to tip his Jeep over. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't quite flip it. Lucky for him and the boys! Several other's had similar experiences at this obstacle and ended up using the bypass to get around it.

Our Scrambler did terrific under the guidance of my hubby who crawled right up it - way to go Durrell! Mikey wasn't one of the lucky ones. All his passengers (including the dog) exited the vehicle just before he suffered some major breakage after repeatedly trying to follow in Durrell's tire tracks. Ultimately he had to be winched and strapped out but thanks to Terminator's creative field repairs, Mikey was able to drive the Jeep back to town (sort of…) and onto his trailer for the ride home.

Pokey's trail was worth the wait. Hopefully we'll get a chance to run it again before another 6 years go by! Thanks Savior Carl for your trail leadership and thanks Donnie, Becky and Billy Walston for your hospitality!

Created: 06/29/01