1998 Father's Day Run


Once again, Durrell and Syndy hosted a great Father's Day Club Run! Lot's of good food, and a big bonfire to gather around afterwards. Frank and Jude even had their big screen TV available for videos of the day's trails. Both the Black Oak and the County Line trails were run that Saturday. Rongway and I went on the County Line trail. That was our first time on the new one, and it sure was muddy! It has lots of steep drops in and out of the creek. Many of us had to strap each other out, just to keep the group moving. Maddog and Rongway both broke axles. Dave repaired his just before lunch, and caught up with the group. Rongway took his home Sunday (to use the power tools) and repaired it during the Bulls game.pokey

Speedo's sons drove his jeep all day. What a Dad! He just sighed and cringed at every turn. Mrs. Speedo stayed inside the back of the jeep. (I think they must have tied her in there.) I never saw her get out, even when they were sideways going up the creek bank! .

Our trail leader was Chuck Ricker. His son, Nick, was a tremendous help to anyone who got into a bad position. His face just beamed every time he pulled someone out. He lives for the chance to assist. Meanwhile, I was having fun trying to capture everyone on camera.

Hey, thanks to "Airborn" and "Doc" for letting me ride with them all day.

Created: 06/29/01