1998 4th of July Run


As far as I could count, there were about 62 jeeps attending the club run on the 4th of July this year. This included a group from Wisconsin and the Kansas Flatlanders club. Tom Wombles has assured us he will let us know when their clubs invite us to some of their events.

""Saturday had about 8 jeeps on the Tall Dog trail. Carburetor Don (guess I can't call him that now that he's fuel injected) was on that trail. We met his wife, Beth, near the end of the day. When I asked how the trail was, she said, "They're still digging them out. It's brutal!"

Dutch Creek had about 39 jeeps on their trail, so they split into two groups. Chuck took one, and Lee took the other. I'm told Rooster changed his starter right on the trail. What, no time at home for repairs? Durrell saved the life of a young deer. Apparently, it had gone too deep into the mud in the creek, with just its head above water. Durrell got out, waded up to it, and managed to set it free. Way to go!

2We went on Mississippi views. Kurt and Beth kept the trail moving pretty smooth. We got into quite a lot of mud. We like Carl Seymore's new freckled paint job on his jeep. My favorite part of the trail was fuel injection alley, although Rongway kept backing into the side of the hill, and ripped our soft-top. Val raced right up that section, and Pam was quite vocal about it. We should change her name to Screamin, but that's already taken. The last part of the trail was not much fun for Sheep Doggie's crew. One of the kids ended up with a blown computer module in his Wrangler. Doug Richter and Tom strapped it back to Tom's house, where the Bernier's worked on it for two days.

Sunday had a good turn out. Two trails were run on this day. We took Dutch Creek, and since only a few were in line for Tall Dog, they decided to join us instead. I think there were about 20 total with us. Chuck and Lee did a great job of leading us. I even did some driving that day. Several of us reluctantly left early, for the long drive home.

Created: 06/29/01