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Registrations for the Blast will open June 1. TRJC members will receive a registration form in the mail with their club discount applied.

Upcoming TRJC Member Events
All events start at WBBA, 1260 West Washington St.
Trail Builders leave at 9 AM.

June 4: Board Meeting, Vehicle Recovery Course and Trail Ride. The Board will meet at 7:30 AM at WBBA as usual followed by a Vehicle Recovery Course at 9 AM, also at WBBA. The course will be taught by Steve "Chief" Gambrill. There will be some classroom time followed by further instruction on the trails. ALL NEW TRAIL GUIDES SHOULD ATTEND - even those who have not taken a class for a few years. If we ever have a serious accident, this type of training can save property, personal injury, and lives. After the Course, there will be a Trail Ride. Members, Trail Guides and other Helpers are strongly urged to attend.

June 18: Father's Day Run and Catered Dinner. As usual, the trails will leave at 9 AM. That evening there will be a free catered dinner. Details will be available here.

Dennis Shoemaker Fund

Dennis Shoemaker has been a trail guide on Myer's Mayhem and TRJC member for over 10 years. He was diagnosed with cancer a while back.  It appeared to be in remission but it has recurred. He is the sole income earner for his family and to help compensate for his medical expenses and loss of income the club is setting up a financial help fund.  If you wish to donate, you may contact any club officer at the next two events or mail a donation to:

Two Rivers Jeep Club
Dennis Shoemaker Fund
PO Box 47
Pittsfield IL 62363-0047

Any help would be greatly appreciated by him and his wife. This is a difficult time for them and we can all help a little. Dennis is at Memorial Hospital in Springfield for his treatments. Check with the hospital  ahead of time to see if he is up for a phone call or a visit.  Please keep Dennis and Fran in your thoughts and prayers.

The TRJC Facebook page is holding a contest for a TRJC mug. Deadline is Friday. Details are here.

2016 family memberships in TRJC are now open.

If you wish to join TRJC as a new member, the application is here.
Existing members will receive a renewal application in the mail.

Yearly dues are $60 to wheel on almost 100 miles of the best 4WD trails
Membership fees are for you and your immediate family (spouse and children.)

We host at least 12 member only events per year plus 2 national events open to anyone.

  • That averages out to only $5 per event for you and your entire family!
  • Also included in your membership are 3 to 4 free catered meals for you and your family.
  • TRJC members receive a $50 discount per driver and a $10 discount per passenger over 10 for each of the two events.
  • TRJC is a Jeep-only club except for the two public events where any short wheelbase vehicles are allowed.

A great turnout for last year's Safari.

Please visit our vendor/sponsor page. Without the support from these folks we would never be able to have such great prizes for the raffles and drawings. Please consider using their products and services as a way of saying "thank you" for their support.

More fun!

Who are we?
Two Rivers Jeep Club, established in 1993, has our own dedicated trails on 100% private lands made available through the generosity of the residents of West Central Illinois. While these dedicated trails are open only to club members, we sponsor two events per year which are open to the public. With a membership of 200+, Two Rivers is the world's largest all-Jeep wheeling club with dedicated, private trails.

To find out more about us, our events, where we wheel, or to see photos, check out the links at the top left. Questions about the club can be e-mailed to (remove the two xs) or call us at 866-483-3982.

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